Research Paper 1: The Mpowerment Project - A Community-Level HIV Prevention Intervention for Young Gay Men

The Mpowerment Project was developed with and for young gay and bisexual men. The Mpowerment Project mobilizes young gay/bisexual men to shape a healthy community for themselves, building positive social connections and supporting safer sex. The Mpowerment Project can reach large numbers of young gay/bisexual men in a cost-effective manner because it operates on the community level instead of targeting men individually or solely through small groups. Read more >

Research Paper 2: Mobilizing young gay and bisexual men for HIV prevention: a two-community study

Young gay/bisexual men—those between the ages of 18 and 29—continue to engage in high rates of unprotected anal intercourse and are becoming infected with HIV at alarming rates. HIV Prevention Planning Councils across the country consistently identify young gay and bisexual men as one of the highest priority groups for HIV prevention efforts. Read more >

Research Paper 3: Cost-Effectiveness of the Mpowerment Project

The Mpowerment Project is cost-effective compared with many other HIV prevention strategies. The cost per HIV infection prevented is far less than the lifetime medical costs of HIV disease. Read more >