Helping Organizations Implement the Mpowerment Project

Over the past several years, many organizations have expressed interest in implementing the Mpowerment Project and have contacted us with requests for information, training, and assistance with their efforts. In response to these requests, we have developed the following materials and services to assist organizations with their program implementation and evaluation efforts:

bullet Mpowerment Project Replication Package This low-cost package includes
a 500 page Mpowerment Project Training Manual, an M-group Facilitator Guide, an M-group Meeting Guide, a 22-minute Overview video, and a 47-minute M-group Training video. All components are packaged inside an attractive binder.

bullet Initial Training A low-cost, multi-day, introductory training gives participants an in-depth understanding of the Mpowerment Project and the chance to interact with the original researchers and former Project Coordinators.

bullet Technical Assistance (TA) Organizations implementing the Mpowerment Project may also be eligible to receive free TA from our staff of trained specialists.

bullet Internet Resources A variety of online resources are also available, including social networking pages on myspace, facebook and youtube (see navigation bar at the top of the page) and a member area on the website with additional materials specifically for agencies who are implementing Mpowerment .


Please contact us to learn more about the most appropriate materials and services for your organization. We can help you determine if the Mpowerment Project is right for your organization and community, and assist you as you develop a Project timeline or work plan.