Audio-slide show: Welcome to the Mpowerment Project

For a quick overview of the Mpowerment Project, this audio-slideshow is a great place to start.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE SLIDESHOW

A Community Solution

The Mpowerment Project is being used successfully in diverse communities across the United States and beyond. If your organization is looking for a program that can make an enormous difference in the lives of young gay/bisexual men, ages 18-29, then the Mpowerment Project may be right for you. The Project mobilizes young gay/bisexual men to shape a healthy community for themselves, build positive social connections, and support their friends to have safer sex. Read more >

Core Elements and Key Characteristics

The Mpowerment Project has 7 Core Elements (plus one optional Core Element).  Each Core Element has a corresponding list of Key Characteristics representing desired qualities that can be used to help guide implementation.  Read more >

Guiding Principles

A series of principles guide this multi-level Project. They include: Read more >

  • personal and community empowerment
  • diffusion of new behaviors through social networks
  • peer-influence
  • putting HIV prevention within the context of other compelling issues for young gay/bisexual men (e.g. social issues)
  • community building
  • using gay-positive approaches 

Module 1: Mpowerment Overview

The Overview module discusses in detail how and why the Mpowerment Project was developed, its theoretical basis, including its guiding principles, Core Elements, the scientific evidence of its effectiveness and its cost-effectiveness, and the initial steps to starting the Project in a community.

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Helping Organizations Implement the Mpowerment Project

Over the past several years, many organizations have expressed interest in implementing the Mpowerment Project and have contacted us with requests for information, training, and assistance with their efforts. In response to these requests, we have developed the following materials and services to assist organizations with their program implementation and evaluation efforts: Read more >

The Mpowerment Project works

The Mpowerment Project is the first documented HIV prevention intervention for young gay/bisexual men to succeed in reducing sexual risk behavior. The program has been carefully developed, evaluated, and continually refined over the course of twelve years by prominent behavioral scientists from the University of California, San Francisco’s Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS), a leading-edge HIV/AIDS research institution.
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