Robert Williams

Technology Exchange Specialist, UCSF

Robert Williams is the newest member of the Mpowerment Team. He is a native of San Francisco and was raised in Oakland, CA which is where he still calls home, and where he remains closely connected to his family, friends and community. 

As a Black gay man, he has been working on the HIV prevention needs of men since 1993, but even before then he was personally impacted by HIV as he saw close friends pass from the devastation of this disease. The memory of those friends and seeing other friends still contracting HIV fosters his ongoing commitment to this work.   Most recently, Robert was the Deputy Director of SMAAC (Sexual Minority Alliance of Alameda County) Youth Center in Oakland, CA. He also worked at AMASSI (African American Men Support Services and Survival Institute) in Oakland and has served as the Community Co-Chair of the Alameda County HIV/AIDS Prevention Planning Council. He was a part of the CAPS Mpowerment Translation Project study funded by the Universitywide AIDS Research Project to tailor the Mpowerment Project to the unique needs of young, Black gay men.  In addition to being a Technical Assistance Specialist, his other current work at CAPS is supervising United Black Ellument (U-BE), a CDC-funded research project studying the effectiveness of an adapted Mpowerment for young Black gay men in Dallas, Texas.


In June 2010 Robert was invited to the White House by the Office of National AIDS Policy for a discussion on Black Men and HIV.