David Sweeney

Mpowerment Trainer, UCSF

David worked full-time for the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies as a trainer and technical assistant specialist from 2000-2006. Prior to that, he was an Mpowerment Project Coordinator in Austin, TX. Before his work with the Mpowerment Project, Mr. Sweeney was the peer education supervisor at Youth Options Project Phase in Austin where he conducted an HIV prevention peer education group.

He also worked at AIDS Project Austin as the gay community outreach coordinator for two years. In addition he collaborated with many other AIDS service organizations in the Austin area. As an Mpowerment Project Coordinator, Mr. Sweeney was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Mpowerment Project including organizing a Core Group, facilitating and recruiting for M-groups, promoting informal outreach, publicizing the program, and coordinating volunteers. David has also presented the Mpowerment Project model at national conferences and has succeeded in generating substantial interest in the Mpowerment Project model from many other CBOs. He also has experience working on the Mpowerment Project under the supervision of the researchers and working at CBOs once the original study concluded. Therefore, he is intimately familiar with the issues faced by CBOs when implementing this prevention model. David now lives in Austin TX with his partner and has been the Executive Director of the Austin Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, a job even more stressful than being an Mpowerment Project Coordinator. He's also an artist and his work can be seen at http://www.davidsweeneyart.com.