Evaluating the Mpowerment Project by reflecting on its Guiding Principles

MPO Latino Oasis. Mpowerment New York City.
MPO Latino Oasis. Mpowerment New York City.

In addition to tracking the number of men attending M-groups and outreach activities, it’s important for Coordinators to think about how Project activities relate to the Mpowerment Project’s Guiding Principles. The Coordinators should continually review the Guiding Principles to ensure that the Project is being implemented in accordance with them.

For example, Coordinators must remember that the Project should:

  • focus on social issues as a way of attracting young adult gay and bisexual men
  • help empower the young men involved
  • strive to develop a stronger sense of community through the development of more social networks among young men
  • infuse all Project activities with HIV prevention messages

Being a Coordinator rather than a volunteer requires a broader overview of the Mpowerment Project goals, objectives, and methods. 

Ultimately it is the Coordinators’ responsibility to ensure that these principles and others are being applied throughout all aspects of the Project. Some key areas for the Coordinators to pay attention to are described below.